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We Offer Different Types of Tennis Lessons & Training

Private Lessons

To elevate your game to the next level, S.H.T.A offers private instruction with our teaching professionals. Private lessons are a great way to get one on one instruction to learn the game or to improve your strokes and learn more advanced techniques like topspin, slice, spin serves, etc. This unique type of practice will allow you to develop the most current professional level strokes and court strategies. 


Although private lessons can sometimes be a more preferred route to go in training your kids, the most useful for them is to be trained in groups. South Houston Tennis Academy specializes in precisely this! So make sure bring your water bottles and rackets to learn from some of the very best in Houston, Tx!

Home Court Locations

Our Home Court Locations are held at the El Lago Center

411 Tallowood Dr, El Lago, Texas 77586


We are always extremely enthusiastic to teach and show kids at a young age the joys and importance of a good sport such as tennis. Our seasoned staff with countless years of experience will guide your kids in the right direction with the right swing and skills needed to dominate the court!


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