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What happens if rain is in the forecast?


Often times rain can be our biggest enemy. If rain is forecasted we usually plan to have class and only cancel class if the courts are wet enough to pose a safety hazzard which is usually a light sprinkle. If this is the case and class is cancelled an email will be sent out and a make-up day will be scheduled. Rain, rain, go away, come back on a non tennis day!!!


What if I miss a class?


We know that things happen and schedules cross. So we promise to work something out on a personal basis. Usually we will credit you towards a future program.


Is there opportunity to move up to the next level class?


Of course! We encourage kids to keep practicing and playing as much as possible. As your child improves we will keep pushing and help them reach all of their tennis goals.


Is there water at the courts or should I bring my own?


There is a water fountain at the courts. So you don't have to but we definately encourage bringing some type of water bottle to keep filling so no one gets dehydrated.


Do you string racquets?


We do provide racquet stringing. Please contact us for more information.

El Lago Center


How can I save on tennis lessons for my family?


Learning tennis can be beneficial to your health and social network but can be a very expesnsive sport to learn and play. S.H.T.A is extremly fortunate to have a home at one of Houston's most relaxing tennis clubs, El Lago Center. By becoming a member of El Lago Center, you have the unique oppurtunity for discounts on private lessons, group programs, leagues and more.


For more information about taking the next step towards tennis success and savings click here:





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